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Quantum Management Services Inc. was founded in 1995 and is owned by three individuals: Doug Repman, President and Designated Broker; Gaye Barrett, Vice President; and Harry Matsumoto, Vice President. Our management teams include a balance of both seasoned veterans of the field as well as sharp newcomers.

Doug Repman
Doug brings over thirty years of property management experience to bear in his work as President and Designated Broker for Quantum. His expertise in rising to meet the various challenges presented by the affordable housing field has made him a respected voice in a number of industry organizations.

Gaye Barrett, Vice President
Gaye works as both Vice President and a Portfolio Manager of Quantum. She has in-depth, hands-on experience from over twenty years in the field. Gaye's practiced hand and ability to balance competing program requirements make her valuable to all of Quantum's clients.

Harry Matsumoto, Vice President
Harry's strong organizational skills and institutional knowledge are highly valued in his position as both Corporate Secretary Treasurer and Portfolio Manager at Quantum. He combines his years of experience in affordable housing property management with a respected and continuing military career as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Reserves. Harry excels at communication and understanding complex systems, skills he brings to the table along with his solid knowledge of low-income property governmental regulations.

Jeanne Van Tighem, Controller/CPA
Jeanne serves as Quantum's Controller, expertly keeping track of operations and staff in the Accounting, Occupancy, and Accounts Payable departments. She has been a CPA for over twenty years and worked as an industry audit manager before she came to Quantum. Her sharp eye and industry knowledge ensure that Quantum's properties are maintained to the high degree of regulatory compliance mandated by participation in their assorted low-income housing programs.

Industry Connections
Quantum believes in returning the benefit of our knowledge and understanding to the affordable housing community through our involvement in various industry associations.

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